The Beauty of Me

My glory is majestic
My power is unmatched
Bow in my presence
The splendor of me

Conceit you say?
No, it’s truth
I may be mortal
Albeit better than you

Say my name with respect
Utter of my doings with care
Hold me in honor
The reverence of me

Conceit some suggest?
I definitely disagree
I’m only human
Although worth more than thee

Behold me and become green
Gaze upon me and see red
I am stunning and gorgeous
The beauty of me

Conceit they propose?
It’s only a fact
I live among the mortals
Being much greater than all

© 2012 The Refined Poet. All rights reserved.

Inspiration: Poem relating the extreme conceit of some people. We all should be on guard against worshipping the idol of self and demanding others to be converts. Based upon Proverbs 18:2 – Before destruction the heart of man is proud, but before honor is humility. ~TRP~


Bright Day

Image by MSO Clipart

Image by MSO Clipart

…A Haiku
sunlight from above
waves of beauty reflect
leaves fade instantly
Inspiration: Poem demonstrating duality of life’s experiences. Sunlight can cause beauty to show on waters, while cause leaves to fade and eventually dry out. So, in life, one event can cause one person joy and another, sorrow. Based upon “Romans 11:22 – Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God.”
©  2012 The Refined Poet.  All rights reserved.